About Us(1)
About Us(1)

Dr. Lata Child Development Center

Dr. Lata Child Development Center is a renowned center of excellence dedicated to children with special needs.
Our team is driven by the belief that through direct intervention, we can significantly improve the mental and physical well-being of these children.
We are committed to establishing a solid foundation for enhanced motor skills, academic learning, speech and language development, and effective communication.
Our approach revolves around delivering personalized therapy tailored to meet each child's unique needs.
By doing so, we aim to create opportunities for them to enhance their functional skills, allowing them to actively and meaningfully participate in various aspects of life.

Our Doctors Specialize in you.

MBBS, Diploma in Child Health (DCH), Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH, London, Glasgow or Edinburgh), Fellowship in Neonatology Pediatrician, Neonatologist 35 Years Experience Overall (31 years as specialist) Dr. Lata has an experience with handling any problem of a newborn.

She and her team have successfully managed all high-risk babies including preterm babies 25 weeks to 36 weeks, low extremely low birth weight (even as low as 650 gm), congenital heart disease, complicated metabolic problem etc.

She adept at all modes ventilation and latest technology related to newborns.

She also has experience in handling children with problems of behaviour and development such as developmental delay, hyperactivity (ADHD), autism, learning disability.

She has worked and attended courses related to this branch in the UK.

Worked as developmental paediatrician also in Max Hospital Patparganj for five years. Now she also deals with a problem of behaviour and development in Fortis.

đŸ‘†Photos from National conference of Neurodevelopmental chapter of IAP My role /contributions were as follows :

1 .Dr.Lata Bhat was elected and Appointed as joint Secretary National level of the chapter
2 Dr.Lata Bhat was Nominated In the Editorial board of Our indexed journal Indian Journal of Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrics
3. Dr.Lata Bhat was in poster committe since last 2 years . We released 6 posters representing problems of development and screening like vision, hearing, Learning disability, recommended nouse levels for healthy development of hearing and brain, ADHD Dr.Lata Bhat was in poster committee so on stage for the release of same posters during inaugural function
4.Dr.Lata Bhat moderated a session on improving life of kids with Neurodevelopmental disorders
6 Dr.Lata Bhat was Faculty in Paediatricians role in Neurodevelopmental disorders
7 .Dr.Lata Bhat Judge in oral paper presentations

Dr.Lata Bhat rganised a Midterm conference of Neurodevelopmental chapter of Central

( indian Academy of Pediatrics )

In association with UP and Noida Paediatrics association

Theme : Neurodevelopmental disorders in Office Practice

Spoke on Red flags of Language delay

Moderated a session on Neurodevelopmental disorders in Office Practice

dr lata